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What Makes Ford Cars A Safe Bet

New car buyers in India are increasingly demanding safer cars. However, 70 per cent of car buyers in India still tend to overlook safety for other aspects like fuel efficiency and creature comforts as per a recent survey by Ford India

Ford has been at the forefront of automotive safety in India spreading awareness about the importance of vehicular safety systems. But Ford’s biggest commitment to safety can be seen from the fact that the carmaker is offering six airbags in all its models, even the small cars, making them the safest in their segments.

The cars that Ford builds in India are the same ones that it exports to foreign markets - another factor that boosts buyer confidence. Therefore, customers in India get the same high quality product Ford ships abroad.

With regard to safety, Ford's Indian car lineup gets a host of active and passive safety features.

While active safety features like ABS help prevent an accident, passive safety features like airbags reduce the impact of an accident. Let's take a look at some of these features offered on Ford cars in India.

Active Safety Features

1) ABS with EBD

ABS with EBDABS stands for Anti-lock Braking System, and EBD stands for Electronic Brakeforce Distribution. Both these features help improve the braking of the car.

ABS doesn't allow wheel lockup under hard braking so that you can continue to steer your car away from an obstruction.

EBD distributes brake force evenly on the wheels so as to keep the car under control under hard braking.

What’s impressive is that all Ford cars are equipped with ABS and EBD except for the base variant of the Figo and Ambiente variant of the EcoSport.

2) Traction Control And ESPTraction Control And ESP

Traction Control System and Electronic Stability Program make sure that your wheels don't lose grip and the car remains stable.

They also help to counter oversteer or understeer when cornering hard.While TCS is offered as standard in the Ford Endeavour, it’s also offered in the automatic variants of the Figo, Aspire and the EcoSport.

3) Hill Launch Assist

A lot of drivers find climbing steep inclines difficult in a stop-go scenario as the car begins to roll back. This is where the Hill Launch Assist (HLA) feature comes to rescue. This feature prevents your car from rolling back by applying brakes for an additional 2.5 seconds after you lift your foot from the brake pedal to tap the accelerator. HLA is a standard feature in the Endeavour. Even top variant of the EcoSport gets this feature.

4) Better Wiring

The spec of wires that Ford uses in its vehicles can withstand high load. International wire clamps that pass the highest safety standards are also used. Moreover, the wires are insulated with a special anti-static coating which prevents electric impulses from accumulation.

5) Ford MyKey

Ford MyKey allows you to limit the maximum speed of your car; even set seatbelt reminders and control volume of the infotainment system. The feature can be used if you share your car with someone else and don't want them to speed or misuse your car.Ford MyKey

Passive Safety Features

1) 6 Airbags

While some car manufacturers still refuse to offer a driver’s airbag as standard in India, Ford offers six airbags in all their cars. It includes driver, passenger and curtain and side airbags. The Ford Endeavour also gets driver-side knee airbag. Except for the base variant of Figo all other Ford cars in India are equipped with a driver and a passenger airbag as standard. The Figo only gets the driver airbag as standard fitment.6 Airbags

2) High strength steel cage

A solidly built vehicle can keep the passengers safe in the event of a crash. However, carmakers avoid overuse of steel because it makes the car heavy and affects the fuel efficiency and performance negatively. Ford, on the other hand, uses high strength steel cage for their cars. The Ford EcoSport, for example, has a boron steel construction in crucial areas. Boron steel is not only lighter, but also four times stronger than normal steel.

3) Emergency Assistance

Emergency AssistanceGetting involved in a car accident is unfortunate. But what's more unfortunate is being stranded after the event. For quick medical attention and help, Ford offers emergency assistance service which automatically calls emergency services and shares your exact GPS location with them in the event of an accident. You can also call their emergency roadside assistance at 1800 209 7400 for quick help.

Often, safety features in a car prove to be the vital difference between having a crash and the extent of injuries caused by it. By offering such safety features, Ford ensures that you reach your destination safely.

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