Published On August 31, 2017 07:21 AM

5 Things To Keep In Your Car Before A Road Trip

The weather is great to be driving with the windows rolled down. To keep the fun times rolling on wheels, make sure you have these five things in your car.

  1. Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit : Punctures can get you stranded in the middle of the road. If you have roadside assistance, you may be in luck as the mechanic will take care of the flat. But a poor cellular network or lack of civilisation around could land you in a pickle. So, it's best to be prepared.
    Carry a tubeless puncture repair kit comprising of a pair of nose pliers to pull out the nail, a handheld rubber drilling bit, a few puncture plugs and a needle to slot it in place.
    A hydraulic jack will make it incredibly easy to lift the car and replace the tyre.
    Use a foot pump or a 12V inflator to pump up the tyres and check the pressure using a gauge.

  2. Jumper Cables : Carrying an extra battery makes little sense when you can use the jumper cables to start your car using someone else's. Jumper cables aren't your regular off-the-shelf wires.
    These are way thicker to ease the flow of current from the external battery to your car's starter motor. Idle the car for 15-20 minutes to ensure your dead battery gains some juice from the car's alternator. That should be enough to get the vehicle cranking again without any assistance.

  3. A Comprehensive First Aid Kit : There's no substitute for a first aid kit. Simple first aid materials can go a long way in making sure the injuries are tended to until the medics arrive.
    Not only can you use the equipment in the event of your own mishap, it can also come in handy for the victims of a crash if you happen to witness one.

  4. Tow Straps : Crash or not, it's always advisable to carry a tow strap. Rains make paths slushy and tricky to navigate. It's also difficult to gauge the depth of a water logging. You may find the car's wheels begging for traction in such situations. If you find yourself in a tight spot, a long enough tow strap could at least allow others to use their car to fish you out of trouble.
  5. Ready-to-eat Food And Water : You won't be able to concentrate on driving or managing the burden of roadside fixing if you're hungry or dehydrated. Keep a bag of ready-to-eat meals, snacks and water. A carton of milk along with a few packs of your favourite cookies are also safe choices as they have a long shelf life of at least six months.

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