Published On September 4, 2017 06:57 AM

The Do's & Don'ts Of Driving With Children

Children who’re big enough to sit with the seatbelt secured can accompany you on the front passenger seat. Smaller kids (2-9 year olds should be asked to sit in the rear with the seatbelt fastened.

Safety tips for travelling with a newborn child

The most important safety feature in a car for infants is Isofix. Isofix is the international standard for attachment points for child safety seats in passenger vehicles. It’s an important safety feature and will become a mandatory fitment in all new cars when India introduces its crash test norms later this year, alongside ABS and airbags.
To use the Isofix mountings, you’ll require a child seat that would fit onto the Isofix anchorages.
It’s best to get a rear facing convertible child seat that can be used for a longer time. Convertible seats can be used to secure infants as well as slightly older kids. Also, these seats come with their seat belts, so you can be always sure of your child’s safety.

There are some more basic must-dos that you should follow for a safer drive with kids:

  1. Travel with time on hand. Children are unpredictable, so you don’t know when you’ll have to take an emergency break for nature’s call or a quick bite.
  2. Keep adequate stock of water, soft drinks and some eatables for the journey.
  3. If the kids are big enough to strike a conversation with you, ensure that you keep things that can keep them busy like books, music they like, etc. so that they don’t disturb you while driving.
  4. Choose the right car for your trip. A long highway ride can be a pain if you, or the passengers, are not comfortable.
  5. Brief the children about the destination, the journey, the travel time, etc. so that they’re mentally prepared for the trip. This is, of course, in the case when the children are big enough to understand it.
  6. Drive smooth and don’t rush. Children are often not focusing on how you’re driving.
  7. Plan timely breaks.

Keeping roads accident free is a collective responsibility. Buying a car that scores high on safety is the first step. But then following these simple dos and don’ts are also essential in making the roads a safer place for us and our kids.

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