Published On September 26, 2017 12:29 PM

The Future of Auto Technology

With the recent developments in the automotive technology, a Jetson-like future may not be so far ahead. With Ford leading the charge we might have some exciting things to look forward to. Today we're going to take a look at some of these innovations that can change driving forever.

1) Autonomous Driving
Thanks to Ford we can soon hope for a future without reckless drivers and life-threatening accidents. The automobile giant is closely working with top Silicon Valley firms to automate the driving experience. The company plans to manufacture cars that can operate without a steering wheel, gas pedal, or even a brake pedal within a geo-fenced area. The best part is we don't have to wait that long. Ford has promised us the first set of autonomous cars will be launched by 2021.

2) Your personal AI
Our lives have become increasingly easier thanks to smart phones. Ford plans to push this further by integrating devices like Amazon Echo into its ecosystem. What this means is Ford owners can now remote start the car, lock or unlock doors, get directions, play music and of course order items from Amazon just by using voice commands.

3) Car to car communication

We all know Ford offers some top of the industry safety features. But any random accident can catch you off-guard. To avoid this Ford has come with a technology that will enable vehicles to communicate with each other. As much as it sounds like a Cars sequel, it is much more complicated than that. The communication will be instantaneously carried out in binary. The vehicles will warn each other of their presence. This can prove to be a lifesaving feature while driving through blind corners or roads with poor visibility.
4) No more flat tyres

Potholes are annoying. They can give you a flat tyre, damage your suspension and even bent wheels. Fortunately, Ford has taken a note of this and come up with Continuously Controlled Damping. It is a computer-controlled shock absorption system that significantly reduces the effect of driving through a pothole. The program works by analyzing multiple signals collected from the high-resolution sensors and adjust dampers according to it. When a pothole is detected the programs set the damper to its stiffest setting which prevents the wheel from falling deep into the pothole. This results in a much smoother ride.

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